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100mg Microdose Capsules

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Beginning with a 2011 study performed by Dr. James Fadiman, it has been repeatedly shown that taking minuscule amounts of a psychedelic substance may improve both convergent and divergent thinking. Functionally, this results in improved cognitive function, flexibility, creativity, and problem solving. Further study has also found that psilocybin microdoses can enhance mood both in acute & long term fashion, and it possesses robust potential as an alternative treatment for several conditions including depression, anxiety, and certain chronic conditions.

These capsules have only ground psilocybe cubensis mushroom (either Golden Teacher or Penis Envy) in them, no additives or fillers. Each capsule is 100mg so you can easily know and adjust the dose you are taking.

Each variety offered in 100mg format (Penis Envy and Golden Teacher) has been potency tested using the PSILO-Q Test kit, the first ever home-use quantitative psilocybin testing kit. Please refer to the product page for the respective variety to view test results.

What our customers are saying about this product:

"Life is brighter, can’t knock the smile off my face, positive outlook on everything. I slowly worked my way in as I wasn’t sure on the potency but now I usually take 2-3 pills and have no issues in public places, chatting up a storm, socializing. I feel like with the microdosing it’s nearly impossible to end up in a bad place mentally. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking to give microdosing a try!"
"As a student, Golden Teacher is the perfect strain for me because I can keep studying and my mind doesn’t wander. I feel improved focus and confidence in my abilities since starting this journey and will be a customer for a long time."


The most prominent micro-dosing schedule is dosing for 4 consecutive days, then taking three days off.

For example - Dose, Dose, Dose, Dose, Day off, Day off, Day off

Check out our Microdosing page for more information on dosage and dosage protocols.


100mg of Psilocybin mushroom. Psilocybin at low dosage have been reported to enhance levels of creativity/energy/focus/memory, improve mood and values like openness and empathy, and improve relational/social skills.

*Note: psychedelics are non-specific amplifiers and may not be suitable for those with anxiety conditions. Antidepressants will nullify the effects of psychedelics.

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