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Buy DMT vape pen cartridges, LSD blotter, LSD Solutions, LSD gummies, and more online in Canada.


We want to elevate your reality, through the use of Psychedelics.

The use of substances including Di-methyl-tryptamine (DMT), Lysergic Acid Di-thylamide (LSD), psilocybin, and mescaline can be a powerful tool for improving overall life

satisfaction, offering a fresh & objective perspective, and treating a host of mental health conditions.

LUCID Supply Company is named for the awakening effect that psychedelics often have. We are dedicated to offering Canadians access to the benefits of Psychedelics.

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Our Products

Including DMT vaporizers, Freebase DMT, LSD-infused gummies, Liquid LSD solutions, psilocybin mushrooms, microdoses, and mescaline HCL.

Our products are potency tested, and are cultivated, extracted, or synthesized in our GMP spec laboratory.


Psychedelic Potential


POP* have used psychedelics


Effectiveness rate in preliminary trials


Increase in psychedelic

use since 2019


Of Canadians support psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

*percentage of population (Canada)


Buy LSD Canada

Lucid Supply Company provides all of Canada with pure, authentic, and laboratory analyzed Psychedelics. Our products include acid LSD blotter, Liquid LSD solutions, LSD gummies, LSD microdoses, DMT vaporizer cartridges, N,N- DMT, 5-MeO DMT, Psilocybin mushrooms, and more!

Our LSD is synthesized in Canada, using a recipe that closely resembles the famed "Orange Sunshine" LSD tablets of the early 1970's. This results in a product that is 99.9% pure. 


The LSD that you can buy online from Lucid supply co. is reviewed as some of the best in Canada, and it has been positively tested for real LSD-25. Many other online LSD vendors do not in fact sell LSD, but in fact sell analogues of the LSD molecule, with the most common being 1P-LSD.


The effects from consuming an analogue are roughly the same as consuming pure LSD, (visual stimulation, feelings of euphoria, etc) however it is typically shorter in duration and often lacks a certain depth.

If you are looking for LSD in Canada and want the purest product with the most positive and potent effects, check out our shop page. Hit the button below to learn more about us!


Lysergic Acid Di-thylamide (LSD) Effects & Overview

Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there’s another side to the coin, and you can’t remember it when it wears off, but you know it. It reinforced my sense of what was important — creating great things instead of making money


- Steve Jobs


Since it's creation (and accidental discovery of effects) by legendary Swiss chemist Albert Hoffmann, LSD has gone by many different names, including blotter, acid LSD, dots, microdots, LSD tablets, LSD tabs, Lucy, Orange Sunshine, Windowpanes, and more. Since the famed bicycle day in 1937, LSD has become prominent in the lexicon of society due to its unique properties, among them its euphoric & psychedelic effects, extreme potency in minute doses, and ability to effectively treat a host of mental health conditions​.

LSD is Most individuals start feeling slight effects from LSD at a dosage of ~20µg, a full dose is generally considered to be in the 125-155ug range. This is an excellent starting point for 

Effects of LSD

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